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Buchan is a town in the East Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. The town is situated adjacent to the Buchan River, in the Shire of East Gippsland, upstream from the river’s junction with the Snowy River. Buchan’s population is 385.

The name Buchan comes from the Aboriginal phrase “buccan” or “bukkan mungie”, referring to “stacks of rocks with a hole in it”. At Cloggs Cave just out of Buchan, evidence has been found of indigenous occupation dating back to prehistoric times.

The traditional custodians of the land surrounding the upper part of the Buchan River are the Bidawal and Nindi-Ngudjam Ngarigu Monero people.



Located in the foothills of the Victorian Alps, Buchan is often visited for its beautiful scenery, wildlife and variety of outdoor activities. Buchan is a picturesque town situated in East Gippsland, about 4 hours east from Melbourne. It’s best known for its limestone caves.

From the Buchan Motel, you can enjoy spectacular views overlooking the valley and Buchan town. Set in 4.5 acres of magnificent gardens, abundant bird life, and on most evenings, kangaroos, possums and wombats visit us.

Buchan town includes a rebuilt pub, a general store, a post office, a roadhouse, a petrol station, a café, the bush nursing centre and one of the most extensive limestone cave systems in the country. Come and explore this little gem!

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